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Model JeepJeep is technically a brand name. However it is forever associated with most people as the iconic style of two door military SUV that Willys pioneered in the 1940s. Although technically the body style for these types of vehicels would be a Two-Door SUV / Convertible, we categorize them as a Jeep on this site. This includes all types of CJs as well as the early military variants.

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Pickup Truck

Model TruckFor this site we categorize any Willys Trucks or Pickups under this category. This mainly includes the Willys Jeep Truck but can also include the Jeep-Willys Forward Control (FC).

Most ads will not note this but the Willys 1-Ton Pickup had unique model designations as listed below. They are pretty linear from year to year so if you know the model year and a few other key features you can mostly derive the model designation from this table.

  • Model 2T: 1947-1950 | (2WD)
  • Model 4T: 1947-1950 | (4WD)
  • Model 473H: 1950 | (2WD Half Ton)
  • Model 473: 1950-1952 | (V Shaped Grill / No Side Steps)
  • Model 475: 1953-1965 | (3 Horizontal Bars on Grill)
  • Model 6-226: 1954-1962 | (Super Hurricane Straight-Sixe
  • Model 6-230: 1962-1965 | (Tornado Overhead Camshaft I6)
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Station Wagon

Model WagonThe Willys Jeep Station Wagon is iconic because it was the first mass produced all-steel station wagon built for use by the general public.

It was the most successful nonmilitary Willys vehicle and over 300K were produced from 1946-1981.

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Model PhaetonThe Phaeton is a unique body style unique to Willys for the Jeepster. The Willys-Overland Jeepster was the last Two-Door Phaeton ever to be produced by a major automobile manufacturer.

A Phaeton is an old-school early 1900s era style of automobile with no permanent top.  How it differs from a convertible is that there is no windows either. It is meant as a full open air driving experience, not too dissimilar from pre-automobile motorized carriages.

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Model CoupeMuch more rare on this site be still sometimes included is the Willys Americar Coupe. A popular hot-rod restoration project for modern enthusiasts.  The only model years represented for the Willys Americar coupe are 1941 and 1942, making it one of the rarer models.

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