Listed below are various Willys Jeep Restoration resources.  If you have any great video or site link please include it in the comments section below.

Willys Jeep Restoration Sites

Listed below are a few unique restoration sites and links.  For more information on restorations you should also check out the sites on our Forums and Parts pages.  There will be a plethora of resources about Willys Restorations on those sites.

Willys America

Willys America is a 39 year old service and restoration shop.  Located in Northern California, Willys America provided restoration services for owners and collectors around the country.  Their restorations not only include military Jeeps and CJs but also the Station Wagon, Truck and Jeepster.

Specialty Jeeps

Speciatly Jeeps is another ground up restoration service for Military and Civilian Jeeps.  They also offer similar work for all model of newer Jeeps specifically Wranglers.

Willys MB Build Thread

Click the link above for an in depth thread about building a Willys MB Jeep from scratch.  There are many photos and extensive write ups to go along with the discussion.

Willys Jeep Restoration Videos

Displayed below are a few of the higher quality / production value Willys restoration videos from YouTube.  For more use the keywords “Willys Restoration” on

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